Four Interesting Facts About Neon Signs

Date: 2020-07-07 | Author: Our Team

Are you in love with the idea of having neon signs for your home or your business? Neon signs were a trendy option for businesses for many years, and they are finally becoming popular once again. They have several advantages, including a low cost of operation, a range of design styles, custom options, and beauty. However, there are likely many things that you don’t know about neon. Most people do not look past their usage as a sign. In this post, we will be looking a bit deeper at some of the facts that you may not know about neon.

Neon Lighting is More than 100 Years Old

When most people think of neon lighting, they have no idea that it was originally invented in 1902 in France by an engineer named Georges Claude. Neon gas was discovered just four years earlier. He was able to pass an electrical current through neon gas that had been sealed into a tube, which resulted in the neon light that we know and love today.

Over the years, engineers conducted more experimentation, and more advancements were made, which led to a wider array of neon signs and lighting available today.

Neon Signs Are Sculpted by Hand

The process of making the glass tubing used in neon signs is delicate, and it can’t be done properly by machines. Therefore, the signs are handmade today, just as they always have been. Neon sign makers are highly skilled and capable of creating intricate designs, an array of fonts, and even logos using the neon tubes, which are then moulded into shape by hand.

Neon Gas Does Not Have a Colour

Neon is a colourless and odourless noble gas. Although the gas does not have a colour, when it is put into a tube and has an electrical current run through it, it will create a reddish-orange glow. So, you might be wondering why there are so many available colours for neon signs today. The truth is that these colours are made using other gases, or mixtures of gases. To make a green colour, argon is placed into tubes that have a green fluorescent coating. To create white, they use xenon. Creating pink is a mix of argon and xenon.

Just because it’s called a neon sign doesn’t mean that it has neon in the tubes. It could be another gas entirely. Today, nearly any colour can be created by using different types of gases.

The Bright Glow

One of the reasons that Neon Signs Australia are so popular for advertising is the fact that they are so bright. Not only can they be seen easily at night, but they are also just as easy to see during the daytime. They can grab the attention of people passing by. Also, they are bright enough to cut through fog or haze.

If you are interested in having a neon sign of your own, whether for your business or your home, get in touch for a quote. Neon signs are a fantastic choice, so find what you need soon.