How Do Neon Signs Actually Work?

Sure, you’ve seen and appreciated neon signs for years. They are beacons of beautiful bright light that lead you into stores with the promise of cold beer, pizza, and more. They have used neon signage melbourne for businesses and even for décor in homes and businesses. However, many people never really stop to think about how these types of signs work or how they are able to create so many different colors. Let’s look at the basics to get a better idea of what you will need to understand.

What Happens in a Neon Light?

The neon light is created by willing a glass tube with a small amount of a gas, such as neon. Neon is used because it is something known as a noble gas. This simply means that each of the atoms has a filled electron shell, so they do not react with other atoms. Each end of the glass tube that contains the gas has an electrode. Typically, alternating current (AC) will be used.

When an electrical current is applied to the terminals, the energy will remove an outer electron from the neon atoms, which will, in turn, start to create a plasma that completes the lamp’s electrical circuit. When those atoms are moving around the tube and hitting one another, it creates energy and heat, and as the electrons escape the atoms, they start to have a higher energy state. This action starts to release the light, which fills the tubing. This creates the effect and the glow of neon.

The Many Colors of Neon Lights

Here’s another interesting fact. Neon creates the red color that is seen in so many neon lights over the years. The other colors come from different types of gases along with phosphors in the tubes. Helium can create a pink color, while krypton is green and argon and mercury are blue. When cases are mixed, other colors can be created. When coated with phosphor or other chemicals, it can glow different colors.

Even though other gases are used to create those different colors, we still tend to refer to all of them as neon signs collectively. This happens regardless of the gas used because it has become the common parlance.

So Many Options Today

Because of the advances in science over the years, it means that there are now many different types of neon light that you could use for signage at your business or in your home in australia. Not only will you be able to choose from different colors, but you can also choose from different designs and shapes for the sign. There are countless options available, and it is possible to find a design team that can create the perfect option for your business. Whether you need a logo, some display signage for products you sell, signs for the window or just about anything else, there are great options available. Even if you are looking for a special neon sign for your home, your wedding reception, or just about anywhere else, you can find it.