Neon Sign FAQ: What You Need to Know

Date: 2020-08-04 | Author: Our Team

Are you interested in getting a neon sign for your home or business? If you have never had a neon sign before, you likely have a few questions that you want answering before you decide whether they are the right choice for you. Below, we have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about neon signs to help give you a better idea of what they offer.

How Long Does a Neon Sign Last?

When you buy a sign, you want it to last. Transformers in neon signs will typically last for between five and eight years, with no issues if they are properly cared for while in use. The tubes can last for eight to 15 years, and many neon signs have lasted for longer than this. As well, they can typically be repaired if there is an issue. A quality neon sign can last for many years before needing a replacement or a repair. The transformers on these signs are typically the first part to fail, sometime after only five years, but transformers can be replaced.

To help them last longer, make sure that you are not leaving a neon sign on 24hrs a day.

How Can I Clean a Neon Sign?

Cleaning a neon sign is easy. You first want to unplug it, then use a soft nylon brush to remove any dust or dirt on the sign. Paintbrushes work well to get into the sign’s nooks and crannies. If the sign needs a deeper cleaning, you can also spray an ammonia-based solution onto a soft cloth and gently rub the sign to remove any grime. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, or it could damage the glass tubes.

Is Powering A Neon Sign Expensive?

One of the nicest features of a neon sign is the fact that they are cheap to operate. With most signs, you will find that they use about the same amount of power as a regular lightbulb. Of course, if you have larger neon signs, it will cost a bit more to operate. However, they are still a cheaper option than many other illuminated signs on the market.

Are All Neon Signs Safe to Use Outdoors?

Most neon signs available on the market today are meant for indoor use. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use neon signs outside. You will want to make sure that you choose a sign that is waterproof, though, so it can withstand the elements.

Are There Custom Options Available?

You will find that one of the most significant benefits of neon signs is their versatility. They can do more than just tell customers you are open or that you offer beer. You can find companies offering custom options, where you can choose the style, colour, font, size, and more. This ensures that you are getting the perfect sign for your needs.

Do you still have questions about neon signs for us to answer? If you want to know more about these signs, or if you are interested in getting a free quote, you can contact us to learn more.