Why Are Neon Signs Making a Comeback?

Date: 2020-08-11 | Author: Our Team

Have you noticed that there are more neon signs around today than there were a few years ago? When neon signs were first created, they became extremely popular, and they were everywhere in cities and small towns throughout the world. However, there was a time when they started to fall out of fashion in favor of other options. Fortunately, we’re starting to see a resurgence in neon that has continued to grow, and you might now be considering a neon sign for your business or personal needs.

You might also be wondering what helped to make neon have such a strong comeback. Let’s look at a few of the reasons that these signs are popular again.

The Nostalgia Factor

We can’t ignore nostalgia for the old neon-filled nights of yesteryear. There is something magical about the look and hum of a neon sign, and it’s something that many people have missed. Even people who did not grow up during neon’s heyday love the look of these signs and want to bring them back to prominence.

The Aesthetics and Functionality

The reappearance of neon signs brings a different look and feel to any space. Many restaurants and coffee shops have brought in neon signs to replace some of their old signs for this very reason. The signs are easy to read, even from a distance, which makes them a nice solution for businesses that remain open well after night has fallen. They continue to beckon customers to come inside, even from down the street.

A Smart Option

Neon signs also offer some other benefits, helping to increase their resurgence. For starters, they are versatile. These handmade signs can be created in a range of styles and shapes. They are available in many different colours, as well. These signs do not use up much energy, which makes them cost-effective.

Businesses also enjoy their longevity. Neon signs utilize neon gas, which can remain operational for many years. They tend to be easy to maintain, as well.

Neon is Versatile

Neon signs can work well for a range of businesses. They can work indoors or outdoors, and they are even nice for personal use in your home or garage. Having a few fun neon signs around can change the mood of your space. Imagine having your own neon sign hanging on a home bar, built for your family and friends in the basement, or even hanging over the patio or deck in the backyard where you grill.

Neon signs are handmade, as mentioned, mean that it is possible to create custom options. This ensures that you can get exactly the sign you need for your business or home. They are one of the most versatile types of signs you will find.

You can see that these advantages help to make neon a popular option for signs, and it is easy to understand why they are making a strong comeback. If you are interested in a neon sign for your home or business, get in touch for a quote.